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Chess Legends: Garry Kasparov

by | Mar 1, 2023 | Chess Legends

For good reason, many people consider Garry Kasparov to be the best chess player of all time. Few people have ever attained the level of success he did while dominating the chess world for more than 20 years. But why was Kasparov such a great player?

Let’s look more closely at some of the elements that made him successful.

Tactical Mastery

Kasparov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in April 13, 1963
Kasparov was born in Baku, Azerbaijan, in April 13, 1963

Kasparov’s outstanding tactical acumen was one of his greatest assets. He possessed a remarkable gift for foresight and calculation, which enabled him to anticipate and outmaneuver even the most powerful adversaries. He was able to spot holes in his opponent’s strategy and take advantage of them. His tactical prowess was most evident during the game’s opening phase, when he was able to create challenging and unexpected positions that suited his playing style.

Deep Understanding of the Game

Kasparov facing IBM’s super computer Deep Blue in 1997

Kasparov’s profound knowledge of the game was another element that helped him succeed. He studied chess theory and history, and he was an expert on previous matches and tactics. He was also an expert in opening theory and could use it to surprise opponents and gain the upper hand. He could manipulate the pieces to take advantage of imbalances in a position because he had a keen sense of them.

Aggressive Playing Style

Kasparov becoming World Junior Champion in 1980 in Dortmund
At Dortmund in 1980, Kasparov wins the title of World Junior Champion

In order to control the tempo of the game, Kasparov was known for his aggressive playing style, which put his rivals on the defensive. He was not afraid to take chances and was constantly trying to find ways to complicate things on the board. He frequently played with a “killer instinct,” which enabled him to seize any openings in his opponent’s defence. He was a feared opponent because of his aggressive playing style, which helped him win many games that other players might have drawn.

Competitive Drive

Kasparov vs Anand on top of the WTC in 1995
Kasparov vs Anand on top of the World Trade Center in 1995

Finally, one of the key elements in Kasparov’s success was his competitive spirit. He had a fierce sense of rivalry and detested defeat. He was never content with his performance and was always trying to get better. He had a strong work ethic and put in countless hours studying and practising, constantly challenging himself to improve. He was also an expert at psychological warfare, often winning games before they even began by playing on his opponent’s emotions.


Garry Kasparov was a chess genius who dominated the game for more than two decades. His success was largely due to his mastery of strategy, in-depth knowledge of the game, aggressive playing style, and competitive spirit. He was a real champion who never settled for less than his best and constantly sought out excellence. He deserves to be remembered as the greatest chess player of all time, and future generations will benefit from his contributions to the game.